Board of Directors

Ben & Julie Ferguson

Board Chairs

Ben and Julie Ferguson are the owners of Hyk Mountain Lifestyle, a retail store in Estes Park, Colo.  They began travelling to Central America in 2013 and have continued to have a heart for community outreach in impoverished regions where they help meet physical needs while addressing spiritual foundations and Hope  in Christ.  They formed Hyk the World in 2021 to invite others on this journey. 

Paul Trimble

Board Member

Pastor Paul Trimble is the Senior and Founding Pastor of Bent Tree Church in Loveland Colorado. He and his wife Bebe have three grown children, Annie, Jack and Dawson. Paul has participated in numerous mission trips to China, Africa, and Mexico. As well, Paul has enjoyed serving on the board of directors for mission organizations that spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Daniel Barrett

Board Member

Daniel Barrett is the Pastor of Horizon International Church in Jaco, Costa r. Daniel, his wife Sarah and their 3 sons have worked as church planters since 2009. Daniel has missions experience serving on 4 continents and multiple countries. Daniel oversees multiple outreaches and ministries in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica

Bill Gaydosh 

Board Member

Bill Gaydosh lives in Taos New Mexico where he once caught a fish.  In addition to running successful outdoor stores and helping charities in New Mexico and Texas,  Bill enjoys recycling old shoelaces and finding homes for displaced squirrels.  

Brittany Vallecillo

Board Secretary

Board Secretary Brittney Vallecillo, is originally from Baltimore MD.   After years of teaching in inner cities and a private school, Brittany transitioned to a full time role at Horizon International Church in Jaco, Costa Rica where she is the Children's Ministry Director and Church Secretary. Brittany enjoys walking with families, helping them build their faith and forming a foundation in Jesus Christ. 
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