Who We Support

Centro Prenatal

Centro Prenatal

The goal of this ministry was again simple, meet the spiritual needs of the impoverished women of that area with the good news of Jesus, while addressing the earthly needs that accompany pregnancy and a growing family. Since the first doors opened in 2013, six more pregnancy centers have opened up throughout the country allowing more women and families to experience the love of Jesus first-hand.

Harmony Foundation

Nestled in a serene mountain setting, Harmony provides treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Clients and their families are welcomed into a collaborative and respectful treatment process that utilizes accepted best practices in addiction treatment. Harmony promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing, empowering our clients to embark upon the lifelong journey of recovery.

Casa de Amor

Casa de Amor is a Christ-centered community where alcoholics and the drug addicted can find clinical, emotional, occupational and spiritual help to reenter society as whole men

Residence of Life

Residence of Life is a Costa Rican children’s home that exists to provide a loving, nurturing and permanent Christ-centered home to a demographic of abandoned children who have little chance of being adopted. According to statistics, these children would be stuck in the system for life due to their age, number of siblings and/or minor disabilities. Our heart is to become “home” for them: not only a place to stay, but a place where they can belong.

Colorado Disaster Relief

Bringing Help - Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief meets the immediate needs of communities affected by disasters, through debris removal, hot meals, laundry services, and more.
Bringing Hope

Bring Hope - Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief brings hope through the renewing of broken walls and broken hearts by the hardwork and compassion of our many trained volunteers.
Bringing Healing

Bringing Helping - Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief brings healing through the power and love of Jesus as seen through the efforts of our many chaplains and the every day ministry of our volunteers.

Horizon Church Jaco

Horizon Church Jaco is a non-denominational church that believes in the authority of the Christian scriptures for our life and practice. We want to see every person experience God's freedom, restoration, love, mercy, and grace as we learn to follow Him deeper.

Ocean's Edge Ministries Jaco

“Transforming lives worldwide by offering holistic biblical training and mentoring to help others create and maintain a ministry lifestyle that claims territory for God and pushed evil back on earth as it is in heaven in the local community and beyond.”

Bent Tree Church

Mission - To help people find and follow Jesus Christ

Plant - Reach people in Colorado and Wyoming with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Grow - Develop Christians into mature (radical) Followers of Christ

Harvest - Send out mature followers to expand the church both here and around the world
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